Stretching Lectures, Core Strength Lectures and Posture and Back Care talks

Through the clinic we offer a range of lectures which can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your group, school, sports club or voluntary organisation. Any lecture can be arranged, but a few of the common ones we frequently do are:

 Stretching Lectures

Stretching Lectures teaches good and bad stretxhing to equip young sports players t is notdecide what is correct stretching, and what

  • Comprehensive evening / Saturday morning lecture and interactive demonstration on current trends of stretching,
  • Dynamic, Static, Harmful and age appropriate stretching.

Core Stability Lectures

  • Insight into the importance or core stability in injury prevention
  • Interactive demonstrations of individual or group core stability exercises
  • Dangerous exercises



Winter Conditioning Programme For ClubsHalf roll back pilates exercise at Kilkenny Physio

Extensive programme of core stability and flexibility exercises organised in gym setting

  • Gradual progression of exercises at individual level within group setting
  • Pre and post assessment where requested
  • Ideal for clubs preparing for next season
  • Helps with injury prevention

 Transition Year Lectures

These can be tailored to suit the school, class numbers and number of lectures you require. We do a range from a once off lecture to a 6 week module. Topics covered include;

  • Anatomy of musculoskeletal system
  • Posture
  • School bags
  • Stretching
  • Core Stability
  • Injury prevention


  • These will be planned to suit the age group and number of children in the school.
  • The format is usually a once off lecture on Posture and Back Care or The importance of Exercise for children.
  • The feedback from children, teachers and parents is usually very very positive.


We can organise this course to run for as many weeks as you like, however typically it runs for 5 weeks and covers Core strength, agility, flexibility, strength and stamina

While we are happy to give the course and can facilitate further classes, the idea is to give National School Teachers the skills to promote activity, good posture and hence concentration within the class


This lecture would be more geared towards office staff, students studying for exams, people in stressful roles,  or any company who look after the wellbeing of their staff. It involves a 30 min – 45 min session where the group are instructed on self relaxation techniques to help them unwind and leave the pressures of work or study behind. Ultimately this will improve general well being and reduce the impact of stress related conditions and musculo-skeletal problems such as neck pain and headaches.


Back Class

This is a 6 class course. It is an educative programme of exercises designed to

  • strengthen core muscle groups which support the spine
  • stretch specific shortened muscles which may limit full movement and cause poor posture

It is designed to help relieve pain, improve posture and performance and help prevent future pain or injury.

By improving the stability around the trunk it provides a stronger more stable base from which the limbs can move and so improves the efficiency of the limbs.


4- 6 week course of relaxation classes offering instruction on self relaxation techniques to help with

  • sleep deprivation
  • stress related conditions
  • improve general well being
  • reduce the impact of musculo-skeletal problems such as neck pain and headaches.
  • pregnancy


6 week course of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to promote bone health, improve bone density and help limit the impact of osteoporosis on the body

Suitable for middle age to elderly who wish to learn more abouthow to remain upright and mobile into old age.


Pilates class

Pilates classes are available for all age groups and levels. There are classes in Core Clinic, Clontubrid, Freshford, and in Kilkenny Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.  Close supervision and quality of exercise is assured.

Classes are geared to specific groups, eg men, children, women, or any group of individuals you wish, eg: hairdressers, drivers, teachers etc.

All Pilates Instuctors are Stott Certified Instructors and also Chartered Physiotherapists. The phone number for booking in Freshford is 086 6611163. Book into Kilkenny Classes on usual clinic number 056 7752258