What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage ? MLD

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a  gentle superficial massage which facilitates the natural drainage of  lymph fluid in the body, Lymph is a clear fluid which circulates within it’s own drainage system within the body. It carries waste products away from the various tissues in the body back toward the heart.

Occasionally there is a problem within the lymphatic system which causes gross retention of fluid as in conditions such as Lyphodema, Lipodema and swollen limps following surgery for cancer. In these cases specialist Manual Lymphatic drainage should be performed by specialist MLD therapists such as Joanne Brennan at Home Physio in Kilkenny.

In our clinic we use MLD effectively in association with peripheral injury such as ankle or knee strains, and post surgery where there may be a lot of swelling retained in and around joints.