What are Deep Transverse Frictions?

Deep transverse frictions are a form of deep tissue massage or tissue manipulation used by physiotherapists. It involves massaging back and forth over the fibres of a muscle or ligament. As a result, it helps to breaks down adhesions and prevents formation of scar tissue.

Effects of Deep Transverse Frictions

Frictions help ensure that as the tissue heals, scar tissue is not laid down. As a result, the muscle or ligament regains it’s pre-injury tensile strength, i.e. it maintains it’s mobility.

Frictions will also give an analgesic effect, i.e. they will help give pain relief. As well as this, the nature of the movement will help to increase circulation and blood flow to the area, which will help to improve healing. They also release endorphins (happy hormones).

What are they used for?

  1. Muscle tears and strains
  2. Muscle contusion eg: dead leg
  3. Scar tissue
  4. Ligament tears and strains
  5. Tendon tears and strains