Choosing a Warm Up Routine

Any warm up routine should be appropriate to your sport.

It should begin with 5-10 minutes aerobic exercise to get the blood flowing and increase body temperature, as you should only stretch warm muscles.

If anyone, in the group, has a tight muscle or muscles, and needs to stretch specific muscles, this should be done after the aerobic exercise and before the dynamic stretches. A sample static routine can be accessed by clicking Stretching .

When doing the dynamic stretching routine, you should attempt to contract your transversus abdominus muscles (TAB’s) to support your back and assist with core stability.

As you go through the routine, you gradually increase the speed of movement and range of motion, but you must always be in control of the movement.

 Sample Dynamic routine:

  •         Puck around
  •         Jog
  •         Walk swinging arms
  •         Jog backwards/sideways
  •         Jog gentle bum flicks                                 
  •         Bring chin back- rotate head from side to side / Bring ear to shoulder
  •         Straddle jumps / scissor jumps / hop/ skip/jump
  •         Shrug shoulders
  •         Reach arms over head
  •         Side bends
  •         Trunk rotation
  •         Circle pelvis
  •         Hurdle step overs
  •         Knee glides
  •         High kicks
  •         Squats
  •         Lunges
  •         Trunk curls
  •         Figure of four
  •         Trunk extensions
  •         Double leg bounce